Lawn-free gardens

Those of you with lawns fall into two groups.  Those that need a recreational space for the kids and those who don’t. If you’ve been thinking that this is the year to go lawn-free here are some tips.

After removing the turf, start by looking at your pathways as they become focal points. A curving flagstone path layed down over gravel will allow excess water to soak into the earth rather than run off.

Layer plants on berms arranging low growing varieties like lavender, santolina and creeping rosemary at the base and taller ones like salvia Hot Lips, ornamental grasses and ceanothus at the top if your area is sunny.  Shady gardeners can use tall plants like red-flowering currant with dicentra eximia at the base. Group plants to give them a sense of mass and use different textures and foliage colors for contrast. Make sure the plants you choose will stay the size you envision without much pruning.

with ground covers or permeable gravel over week block fabric to conserve moisture.

Now marvel that your water bill will be less than a third of what you once used for the lawn.

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